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Just exactly how does CarSquat work?

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Just exactly how does CarSquat work?

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About Us :

CarSquat is a technology company providing an affordable, versatile, convenient on-demand parking reservation platform to guests who are seeking an efficient, effective, personalized and hassle-free way to secure parking in an urban environment.

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CarSquat is now available in Ottawa .

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Mission :

We strive to become a global technological leader vis-à- vis parking solutions with a level of focus and integrity that is unmatched. We believe that at its core, a strong awareness of the importance of innovation and the ability to effectively coordinate and communicate are vital to a company whose emphasis is to pioneer digital parking management solutions. We take pride in providing a service that will positively impact the community and environment by helping to reduce car gas emissions and improve traffic circulation. For us, success is achieved by putting our clients first. We strive to achieve perfection through an attention to detail that is unmatched in the industry.

Vision :

To revolutionize the parking industry through the use of CarSquat’s platform, providing guests with access to parking availability options that were previously unavailable, thanks to their distributed network of parking hosts.